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Fear-How can it serve you?

December 31, 2016

Use your fear-it can take you to the place where you store you courage. Amelia Earhart


Fear is the edge of your comfort zone.  From our early days, we grow when we venture to that edge and dare to cross the line.


Crawling to walking

Training wheels to free wheeling

Being dependent on parents to being independent

Taking your career to the next level


Each of these, and so many more, involve us overcoming fear and trying something new and unknown.  Many of these also require several attempts to be successful.  No one ever told a child to stop trying to walk when they fell 100 times. They encouraged each attempt and improvement.  I doubt a parent would stay “stop falling” but rather “try again-you can do it!”


As adults, overcoming fear takes a different tactic. It takes some serious mental gymnastics to evaluate the risks and benefits and muster up the courage to fall on our butts and get up again.  And when we succeed, oh how sweet that is to have tried something new and won!


Fear-it is there to protect you. It is also there to draw a line in the sand and challenge you to overcome it. Sometimes it feels like a game—“Come on, try it.  I dare you!” with that devilish smile knowing that you can do it.  And that smile on your face when you have let go of the fear-priceless!


How might your life be different tomorrow if you attempted something you are fearful of today?

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