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Welcome to Go Do You Coaching!
I am a Certified Professional Coach who works with top performing  leaders on how to maximize the opportunity before them.  For some, the goals are focused on earning that next promotion. For others, they've earned the promotion and they want to make sure they are successful in this new role.  For all of my clients, it includes finding their voice by using curiosity and courageousness in using their unique voice.  For all, they are willing to do the work and know that it is more about the soft skills of leadership than the technical skills.
My clients are curious to learn more about what makes them unique and how to make the most of the opportunities ahead.   They have an open mind and are wanting to push past what is holding them back. They look forward to the future, even when--perhaps especially when--the road is not clearly marked.  
Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs:
the future can be better than the present and
I have the power to make it so.
Strength Based Practice
Each of us holds a special blend of strengths that are meant to serve a purpose in this world.  The combination of strengths is endless, with the levels varying from individual to individual. The knowledge  and awareness of your talents provides an opportunity for you to make the most of your strengths like no one else can.
My work with clients helps them to learn and explore their talents in greater detail. In doing so they are able to use them purposefully for the best possible outcome. Using a positive psychology approach means in part focusing on what is working while understanding that the struggles have lessons too.  Learning from disappointment is important.  Studying how success is created has been shown to be of incredible value.
As my clients' careers evolve, they come to experience the evolution and refinement of their skills, knowledge and development of their talents.  At various stages of their development, an examination of talents can play a pivotal role in their progress.
Our sessions are focused on the client's agenda and exploring opportunities before them.   My clients define their goals and develop their approaches to achieving these objectives. We have fun, celebrating wins along the way. 
If you want to experience significant progress
towards your goal, you need to be intentional about
the work you're doing every day.
Are you ready to invest in yourself?
We learn than investing in your future is important. Planning for larger goals-a home, a family and retirement. Much like these investments, hiring a coach is investing in yourself.  If you are curious about how to make the most of what makes you stand out from the rest, I invite you to reach out to schedule a complimentary exploratory session.
When you sign up for a three month package, you will receive a free Strengths Assessment and Values Assessment. These tools will be used to explore various aspects of your life and how you are using them to live your life on your terms.


Since my youth I have always been drawn to what makes people tick. Early on it started with a bachelor's degree in psychology.  After receiving a degree in this field, I started a career in Human Resources.  In this practice this approach  evolved to using a strengths based and positive psychology approach in developing team members and the organization. It’s always been about the people I interact with throughout the day.


Coaching is a natural evolution of my work by combining these approaches to work with clients to help them achieve their goals. I use an approach that focuses on what is working and how to maximize what comes naturally to my clients. In this judgement free zone, we explore the possibilities before you and develop action plans to reach your target.

My coaching style is encouraging my clients to be comfortably uncomfortable in a safe and supportive environment.  I help clients stretch beyond their comfort zone to achieve higher levels of fulfillment. 

As my practice grows, I've seen my clients gain confidence and achieve their goals by doing the work and being curious as to their unique talent and how to maximize their influence in the world.  They've had "aha moments" that create  a significant shift in their perspective-always opening doors they never saw before.


A little more about me.  Born and raised in Wisconsin, it's where I started my career is where I call home. Earlier in my career I've had the opportunity to explore California, Jamaica West Indies, Massachusetts and Illinois while working as a Human Resources Director.  Along the way, I've used my positive outlook on life and wicked sense of humor to navigate this world.


If this is your time to invest in yourself-please reach out to schedule a complimentary introductory session to learn how coaching could help you advance beyond your expectations.

Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.


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